I do not know if it is because I miss the sun, or due to the fact that we bought tickets to Mexico. Perhaps I got inspired by Romana’s apartment. Anyway, patterns and colors will be involved! Today we will talk about a boho bedroom. It may be a little girly, but yesterday was the International Women's Day!


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Name, age, nationality: Romana, 27, half Dutch half Croatian

City: Amsterdam

Living space: around 90 m²

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Let's talk KITCHEN! Since there is many companies producing kitchen cabinets, I decided not to pick any of those producers, but to focus on colors, materials and accessories.

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Today I'm coming to you with something different. It was a new experience for me and I didn't know if it will be useful or interesting. For sure I didn't expect it to be so much fun! I'm talking about a Holiday Fair, which is open from 13th till 17th of January in Utrecht (Vakantiebeurs). Why did we decide to go? First of all it is January and there is not that much happening in our lives in January. Second of all, there was a good deal on tickets. Third of all, this year will be special for many reasons and one of them is our long honeymoon trip, which still needs to be planned!

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Since we have a new year, I decided to start a new series. Yes, I am a creature of habits and yes, I love series. So here we gooooooo! Every month (or maybe twice a month, we will see how it goes...) I will post my idea for an interior arrangement. Since I'm polish living in NL I will try to smuggle in polish and some dutch designers and brands. I will try to find all of the mentioned items in web shops. Therefore if you like something, and you feel like you need it in your life, go ahead and treat yourself! We are starting off with a living room of my dreams.


I really like white walls combined with a natural brick wall accent. I had a brick wall in a hallway of my previous apartment and I have to say I miss it a little bit. You can see what I mean on the pictures below:

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Name, age, nationality: Alice and Jasper, 29 and 30, Dutch

City: Utrecht

Living space: 60/65 m² but we actually don’t know. We have one living room, one normal bedroom, one small bedroom which is used as a closet, a bathroom and a rooftop terrace.



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Name, Age, Nationality: Mel, 28, German

City: Amsterdam'ish - Diemen

Living space: 35m²

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Name, Age, Nationality: Diego, 28, Spanish-American

City: Haarlem

Living space: 8m²


"It is the most perfect child's room"


Tell me a few words about yourself.

Computer science student and a musician. I’m working from home, I teach music online, I’m a copywriter and an editor. I’m also working on gypsy jazz, it is never going to make any money, but I love it. I love it very, very much. I'm kind of a nerd. I'm going to school for IT so that I can play music.

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More or less every month I'm checking interior design related magazines. I also own a few books about this subject. Some of them were given to me as gifts, others come from the library and stay with me for a week or two, sometimes longer. Almost every day I'm searching for inspiration and finding new, exciting things online. I have bookmarked tons of websites. I'm following a lot of Instagram accounts. Pinterest is my travel buddy. The world presented on those pictures is beautiful, interesting and innovatory. They allow you to enjoy extraordinary architecture, vast interiors, ideal combination of materials and colors or perfect utilization of given space. You can't stop looking, you can't stop dreaming. For someone who is a perfectionist (maybe a little bit of OCD) this world without a mess seems perfect.


I know there is a reason why those magazines, books and websites were created. I know that you can arrange and organize your space to avoid the mess. But... those mess free pictures are missing a bit of life in them.


Are you a dog or a cat owner? The starter pack includes hair, bowls, litter box, wet kisses, spilled water, wet socks and occasional poo on the floor.

Kids? I'm not an expert but I guess, that the standard offer is similar with some extra features.


That's how I got this idea. I want to show and write a little bit about the life of people I know. Strangers are also welcome. People, who not necessarily are interested in interior design and following trends. I'm curious what helps to transform a room, an apartment, a building into a HOME. I'm interested to see how an interior can reflect our personality. The work on series Home Sweet Home started in November. I will do whatever I can to post regularly and to keep this adventure going. I'm really curious what do you think about this, so do not hesitate and leave a comment below!




At the end of March we had a chance to spend 3 weeks in beautiful Indonesia. First such an exotic trip for me. My better half however, had an amazing experience of living in Indonesia for 6 months during his internship. Therefore apart from the familiar places, we decided to visit at least one part of Indonesia which will be new for him. We divided our time between three islands: Java, Bali and Sulawesi (new for him).


First stop Java - Jakarta. For him a total blast from the past. Chance to visit a city in which he lived for six, important months of his life. For me an amazing opportunity to see him in a totally different light. Jakarta city of  extremes, city full of life, city full of space. Hated by many for concrete, traffic, smog and rush. I liked it a lot.


We visited the Merdeka Square located in the center of Jakarta with the National Monument, often called Monas. The square is a popular destination for Jakartans for sports and recreation especially on weekends. In the evening we decided to rest at the hotel roof terrace with a breathtaking view.

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Aren't the days off the best days in the world? Quite often I'm spending my free days with people I love, but being a bit of an introvert results in a very happy and productive time on my own. I have to admit, that my laptop and Netflix are strongly involved, but I made a new resolution - to use that time on drawing, reading and learning new things as well. Also I want to use my camera bit more often. Oh and I should definitely go to the gym. And that is how my problem starts...


My head is full of pictures, ideas, things I want to do, places I want to check and on the days like today it is hard for me to set one goal and also give myself time to rest. I'm always trying to do everything at once. Sadly my patience levels are really low and I tend to drop the ideas once I don't see immediate results or once I realize how much work and time it might involve. I think I need to start making lists. A list of things I want to see, to check, to learn, to read, to try. A list of places I want to visit. I need to find a solution, because when my head gets full I tend to get tired and do nothing. Does it sound familiar for anyone? Do you have any solutions? Is making a list a good idea overall?


On my days off I also like to surround my self with things I love. I like to sit in my chair covered with my favorite blanket. I like to light up mu favorite candle. I like to brew a coffee or a tea, depending on my mood, and watch series. I'm a huge fan of Modern Family, Big Bang Theory, White Collar, House. Lately I watched Black list, Lie to me and Dexter. I think I like Black list the most so far.

Last but not least, I like to celebrate my free time with some fresh cut flowers. Which reminds me, that I need to get some today!

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Beautiful, unique ceramics on the table or used as accessories around your house will show your personal style and will bring warmth and cosyness to your home. Old trend that came back in interior design involves using plates as wall decorations. I remember when I was a kid my grandparents had plates on the walls of their living room. My parents had plates presented on special stands standing on the cabinet.

VtWonen and Design beurs
VtWonen and Design beurs
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At the end of October I visited Dutch Design week. I was able to spend just one day in Eindhoven, but one day is definitely better than nothing! It is actually quite embarrassing to admit but it was the first time for me which is ridiculous, since I live in the Netherlands for 3 years now. I was staying over at my friends place the night before and we ended up staying up and chatting until 4 am. Long story short, sadly, I didn't get to see all of the exhibitions I planned to. But still, ohhhhh... what an amazing experience. First of all, it was great to see all of the old Philips factory buildings. If you are lofts lover, you will create a ground plan for your dream apartment in your head. I planed about 4 :)

First stop was Klokgebouw and apparently I was in a lamps mood. So beware, this post is about lamps.

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Time: 10 days


Destination: Italy


Provinces: Salerno, Rome


Places: Agropoli, Maiori, Minori, Atrani, Amalfi, Ravello, Praiano, Positano, Punta Campanella, Masa Lubrense, Napoli, Gaeta, Roma

Italy is one of my favorite places on Earth. If I could, I would move tomorrow. Why? There are three reasons: food, landscapes and the sun.
The most amazing day was, when we took a 10 km hiking trip called Sentiero Degli Dei – Walk of the Gods. The official start of the path is in Positano, where you have to climb 1500 stairs. However, we took a less demanding route and caught a bus from Positano all the way up to the tiny village Nocelle. From there the trail was very well marked. Unfortunately my better half couldn't get out of bed on time in the morning, which meant that we started our trip around midday. Do not do that. It is just stupid. Plain stupid. After half an hour the temperature up hill has reached around 40 degrees. It was boiling HOT! I had to stop under every teeny-tiny shrub just to stand in a shadow. We finished our trail after around 5 hours of walking and 1500 stairs leading down to a beautiful village Praiano.

Views are breath-taking! Don't forget your camera, because you will regret it for the rest of your life!


- Start your journey around 8 in the morning to avoid extreme heat
- Bring: a hat, a lot of water and some snacks
- Do not bring too much, because your backpack gets heavier and heavier every minute of your trip
- Do you think you have enough water? Bring an extra bottle!

Here you have few snapshots to convince you that it is one of the most beautiful trails in the world.
Have you been there? Share your thoughts and experience!

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Vt Wonen & Design Beurs

For those and other fun lights by Alex de Witte check
For those and other fun lights by Alex de Witte check

Overall this year's Vt Wonen & Design Beurs was a nice experience. I went with two friends: a very recent house owner and a soon to be house owner. We were all looking for some inspiration, something that would surprise us, maybe something that could be considered as bizarre and different but entertaining. Unfortunately we didn't find it as interesting as the exhibition from 2013. I even noticed that one of the brands, which got my attention last time, has exactly the same pillow cases in their offer as 2 years ago. I couldn't believe it, but let's get back to positives.

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'Early morning, kinda sleepy, still yawning...' - Big K.r.i.t
'Early morning, kinda sleepy, still yawning...' - Big K.r.i.t

'I can rise and shine, just not at the same time!'


Every morning is painful. Why oh why can't I be an early bird like my mom?

I am a typical owl. Grumpy, unhappy, annoyed owl, just like my dad. My brain starts working after second coffee, around noon.

Don't get me wrong, there are better mornings. Usually it is easier to get up when I'm excited about what the day will bring.

Sunday mornings are nice, so are the mornings on holidays. Those days, when I have a lot of time to sit in my pajamas and have a very long breakfast preferably on a roof terrace. Yes, one of those silly life goals - to own a place with a roof terrace. One day, ohhhh... one day!


But back to reality! What do you do on one of those horrible, gray, rainy mornings, when you just want to roll over and stay in bed? Some people eat a very colorful breakfast of champions. Some people stretch or exercise. Some people listen to their favorite music. I'm putting on my... Batman underpants.


Stupid? Maybe, but it makes me smile! What is your trick to rise and shine?


(Anyone else starts singing 'Diamonds' by Rihanna in their head whenever you see the word 'shine'? Or is it just me? Shine bright like a diamond... Shine bright like a diamond...)




Are you a garden lover looking for an inspiration? Interested in landscape architecture? Visiting The Netherlands and craving to see something more then Amsterdam, mills and tulips?

The place, which has to get on your 'TO SEE' list is De Tuinen van Appeltern!

An amazing 15 - hectare park consists of around 200 smaller gardens. Each one of them has its own, unique style. They are full of colorful plants, stylish outdoor furniture and ingenious, surprising garden art. My personal favorite: rotten shoes as a symbol of a former employee who got retired.



- If you like cycling, make a lovely day trip by renting a bike at the Tiel train station. Cycle from there to the ferry, which will take you to the other side of the canal. From there you can follow a picturesque bike route all the way to the garden
- If you don't want to cycle, garden is easy reachable by car
- Planning on getting there by public transport? DON'T!! I did it once and it took me 6 hours, 2 trains, 2 buses, a boat and hitchhiking to get there!
 - For more information check De Tuinen van Appeltern

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I'm not sure if it is because of the cooler, autumn evenings but I'm all in for copper accessories at home. I started collecting them during the summer, but somehow they completely stole my heart just now. I wish I would have more space to fill. Copper goes very well with simple, classy, black&white interiors. Looks amazing combined with all shades of green and darker shades of blue and with gray and... Oh well let's be honest, it just looks absolutely amazing! Let me show you couple of my favorite ones.

From top left corner: Eglo Tarbes lamp, Karlsson watch, Menu Pov candle holder, Madam Stolts box, Frama E27 Lamp, Hay LUP candle holder, Pt, wire basket, Zuiver lamp, Bloomingville side table.
From top left corner: Eglo Tarbes lamp, Karlsson watch, Menu Pov candle holder, Madam Stolts box, Frama E27 Lamp, Hay LUP candle holder, Pt, wire basket, Zuiver lamp, Bloomingville side table.
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June in Barcelona
June in Barcelona

Mid June this year we took a 4 day trip to Barcelona. Oh myyyy... what a beautiful city! I visited Barcelona as a teenager but somehow I didn't remember much. I noticed that I'm enjoying traveling and sightseeing in totally different way than I did back in a days. I always loved to travel but it is completely different, when nothing is organized for you and you are deciding where will you go, what will you see and what will you eat.


Sunday night we had a tour at Casa Milà, BEAUTIFUL Gaudi's building. There is an amazing light show at the rooftop and at the end you can discuss your thoughts over a glass of Cava!

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Small map presenting all of the cycling paths
Small map presenting all of the cycling paths

Great cycling paths, beautiful nature, sandy beaches and adorable, small villages with nice flea markets. Sounds nice? You can find it all on an island Goeree-Overflakkee in the south west of Holland! Beautiful place, ideal for a weekend trip. Very good place to have a rest and recharge your batteries after a whole week of work. I checked few cycling and walking routes, bought lavender and eggs from local residents and caught some sun on a beach in Ouddorp. It is a very good weekend!

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