'Early morning, kinda sleepy, still yawning...' - Big K.r.i.t
'Early morning, kinda sleepy, still yawning...' - Big K.r.i.t

'I can rise and shine, just not at the same time!'


Every morning is painful. Why oh why can't I be an early bird like my mom?

I am a typical owl. Grumpy, unhappy, annoyed owl, just like my dad. My brain starts working after second coffee, around noon.

Don't get me wrong, there are better mornings. Usually it is easier to get up when I'm excited about what the day will bring.

Sunday mornings are nice, so are the mornings on holidays. Those days, when I have a lot of time to sit in my pajamas and have a very long breakfast preferably on a roof terrace. Yes, one of those silly life goals - to own a place with a roof terrace. One day, ohhhh... one day!


But back to reality! What do you do on one of those horrible, gray, rainy mornings, when you just want to roll over and stay in bed? Some people eat a very colorful breakfast of champions. Some people stretch or exercise. Some people listen to their favorite music. I'm putting on my... Batman underpants.


Stupid? Maybe, but it makes me smile! What is your trick to rise and shine?


(Anyone else starts singing 'Diamonds' by Rihanna in their head whenever you see the word 'shine'? Or is it just me? Shine bright like a diamond... Shine bright like a diamond...)

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