Beautiful, unique ceramics on the table or used as accessories around your house will show your personal style and will bring warmth and cosyness to your home. Old trend that came back in interior design involves using plates as wall decorations. I remember when I was a kid my grandparents had plates on the walls of their living room. My parents had plates presented on special stands standing on the cabinet.

VtWonen and Design beurs
VtWonen and Design beurs

Let me show you some of my favourite products. Delicate and pastel pieces from Suite One Studio. Items are produced in short runs in a cozy studio in North Carolina. The small batch nature of the work of Lindsay Emery results in coveted limited editions. High quality porcelain, colorful glazes inspired by watercolor paintings finished with a delicate flourish of genuine gold. Find out more at http://suiteonestudio.com/

Interesting, fun and full of colour pieces from Milo Made. I am a huge fan of graphic shapes and subdued colours. I just adore those mugs, plates, bowls and flower pots. You can find more here Milo Made.

Studio Twocan is a creative studio, managed by sisters, Maddie and Becc Sharrock. Those cement, ceramic pots are designed and hand crafted with care and precision. They are coloured to create organic layering inspired by Australian landscapes. This process celebrates imperfections and ensures that each piece is unique. ou can find them on the website Studio Twocan

What are your favourite pieces?

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