At the end of March we had a chance to spend 3 weeks in beautiful Indonesia. First such an exotic trip for me. My better half however, had an amazing experience of living in Indonesia for 6 months during his internship. Therefore apart from the familiar places, we decided to visit at least one part of Indonesia which will be new for him. We divided our time between three islands: Java, Bali and Sulawesi (new for him).


First stop Java - Jakarta. For him a total blast from the past. Chance to visit a city in which he lived for six, important months of his life. For me an amazing opportunity to see him in a totally different light. Jakarta city of  extremes, city full of life, city full of space. Hated by many for concrete, traffic, smog and rush. I liked it a lot.


We visited the Merdeka Square located in the center of Jakarta with the National Monument, often called Monas. The square is a popular destination for Jakartans for sports and recreation especially on weekends. In the evening we decided to rest at the hotel roof terrace with a breathtaking view.

Second stop - Bogor. We were determined to find a decent, affordable accommodation. We learned a lesson for the future - do not bring a completely outdated guide. We were tired, sweating and sobbing (ok, I was the sobbing one). It took around 3 - 4 hours until we gave up and settled for luxury, air-conditioning and comfy bed . In the morning we have headed to the Botanical Garden .

Bogor statistically is the rainiest city on Java's. It's nickname is Kota Hujan, meaning 'City of Rain', and sadly we have experienced why. I have never seen so much water falling from the sky. The only water resistant thing we had, was our small backpack therefore, luckily, my camera survived.

The plan was to catch a train to Yogyakarta the same night. Unfortunately the train station and ticket office were closed at night. We were also informed, that tickets for the day after are probably sold out due to he holidays period in the region. We decided not to give up and returned to the station at 7am the day after. The tickets were still available and the train was leaving at... 7:06. We run like crazy people and we made it!

Yogyakarta was a third and last stop on Java. We had two days and we really wanted to visit both temples and city itself. Therefore a decision was made to go on an organized trip. The offer included sunrise over Borobudur and sightseeing of Prambanan later in the day. I think that despite early departure hour it was completely worth it! The view was amazing!

Last day on Java - birds market and the center of Yogya. Surprisingly for me having a bird as a house pet is a well maintained tradition. Almost every household has at least one bird in a cage at the entrance.


New day and the next stage of our trip Java -> Bali and a big surprise. To be continued... in the next post :)

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