More or less every month I'm checking interior design related magazines. I also own a few books about this subject. Some of them were given to me as gifts, others come from the library and stay with me for a week or two, sometimes longer. Almost every day I'm searching for inspiration and finding new, exciting things online. I have bookmarked tons of websites. I'm following a lot of Instagram accounts. Pinterest is my travel buddy. The world presented on those pictures is beautiful, interesting and innovatory. They allow you to enjoy extraordinary architecture, vast interiors, ideal combination of materials and colors or perfect utilization of given space. You can't stop looking, you can't stop dreaming. For someone who is a perfectionist (maybe a little bit of OCD) this world without a mess seems perfect.


I know there is a reason why those magazines, books and websites were created. I know that you can arrange and organize your space to avoid the mess. But... those mess free pictures are missing a bit of life in them.


Are you a dog or a cat owner? The starter pack includes hair, bowls, litter box, wet kisses, spilled water, wet socks and occasional poo on the floor.

Kids? I'm not an expert but I guess, that the standard offer is similar with some extra features.


That's how I got this idea. I want to show and write a little bit about the life of people I know. Strangers are also welcome. People, who not necessarily are interested in interior design and following trends. I'm curious what helps to transform a room, an apartment, a building into a HOME. I'm interested to see how an interior can reflect our personality. The work on series Home Sweet Home started in November. I will do whatever I can to post regularly and to keep this adventure going. I'm really curious what do you think about this, so do not hesitate and leave a comment below!

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