Since we have a new year, I decided to start a new series. Yes, I am a creature of habits and yes, I love series. So here we gooooooo! Every month (or maybe twice a month, we will see how it goes...) I will post my idea for an interior arrangement. Since I'm polish living in NL I will try to smuggle in polish and some dutch designers and brands. I will try to find all of the mentioned items in web shops. Therefore if you like something, and you feel like you need it in your life, go ahead and treat yourself! We are starting off with a living room of my dreams.


I really like white walls combined with a natural brick wall accent. I had a brick wall in a hallway of my previous apartment and I have to say I miss it a little bit. You can see what I mean on the pictures below:

For the floors I have few options:

- a very light wooden floor

- a painted wooden floor (white or light grey)

- a concrete floor ( I found a cool alternative on the Vt Wonen website)

On those two pictures you can also see some really nice string lights. You can find similar ones from House Doctor here or here.


Another thing I'm quite obsessed about at the moment, is an old apothecary's cabinet. Ohhhhhh myyyyy... all those drawers, all those labels I could make for them and all this storage space! Pictures below just make me happy and warm inside. If you are, at least, a tiny bit OCD, you will appreciate them as well. I found some similar ones on Etsy.

Next stop - a couch. Usually I'm not a fan of fake leather or leather couches. But... I do like this one. Very simple, cognac, leather couch. It is quite modern but goes great with a vintage cabinet and a brick wall. The cognac color will pop up on a white wall and a concrete floor. I found really nice ones from BePureHome KARWEI or Top Line.

And another love of mine - Eames rocking chair. There is nothing more to say. Let's all take a moment and just look at it...You can find a lot of websites selling them. You can find cheaper ones inspired by the original as well!

And getting closer to the details. For my dream living room I'm choosing black and white. A lot of brands offer a really cool, patterned, black and white rugs. I really like this rug from House Doctor, you can find one here and here.

What is a better way to greet your guests than a 'Hello' lamp? Being polish, I would say... a lot of food. Still, those letter lamps are pretty fun. And the cactus one, well there is nothing better than a cactus. The red hello lamp comes from Urban Outfitters and the cactus comes from WAAR. I also found some great ones form polish designers - Tworczywo! Just check them out!

To tie everything together, let's throw in some posters, pictures and pillows also in black and white! We all have some favorite graphics, pictures and quotes, which we can simply print out and frame. It gets even better, when we can hang something that we drew or made.

When it comes to pillows, I have a small problem. Some people collect stamps, some books, some shoes and me - pillows :) I picked just a few to show you.

1 & 5 are from Almadecasa

2. from KOKO by HOKO

3. from Lawendowy bazar

4. from Mr Mrs Sleep

1. from Fest Amsterdam

2. from OYOY

3. from Braxton

4 & 5. from HKliving

Let me know in the comments below if you like it and what are your favorite items! Have a lovely day!

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    Marieke (Friday, 08 January 2016 08:45)

    Super al die ideeën voor in huis! En fijn ook dat er foto's bij staan, keep up the good work!