I do not know if it is because I miss the sun, or due to the fact that we bought tickets to Mexico. Perhaps I got inspired by Romana’s apartment. Anyway, patterns and colors will be involved! Today we will talk about a boho bedroom. It may be a little girly, but yesterday was the International Women's Day!


Boho style is cozy, creative and colorful. The interiors are light, joyful and full of plants and natural materials. I really love this family home of San Diego-based photographer Jamie Street.

If we talk about the bedroom, let's start from the bed. If your bedroom is specious, you can easily choose a beautiful, huge bed with an interesting, braided, rattan headboard. However, if you do not have too much space, or do not want the bed to dominate the room, you can go for a simple, clear design. Do you have the most comfortable bed in the world and there is no way to get rid of it? Still, you want to change something? An easy solution is to only change the headboard. Check for an example Urban Outfitters.

The carpet is not necessary in the bedroom, but it adds some warmth and coziness. If you are forced to get up from a warm bed (especially on a gray, cold day), it is better to put your feet on something soft. You can find carpets from the pictures below here, here and here.

As for the bedside table, I suggest such a solution. It looks light, it does not take up much space, and you can brag that you made it yourself!

If you have enough space, it is good to have a chair or a pouf in our bedroom, the so-called ”extension of the closet”. I don't know about you, but I need space for my hoodie and sweatpants. Because sometimes I just don’t have the strength to clean things up :) My man uses the windowsill or the heater, I have a pouf.

And here I have two suggestions:


1. Chair Acapulco from La Chaise Longue, available for example here.

2. Pouf - stone from the Polish brand Fivetimesone.

Just as the stone in nature, poufs are unique. Because they are handmade from natural wool, each one has an unique pattern.

Well, the time for accessories has finally come! My suggestions are:

First of all – a mirror. And here are some examples:
1. Quite an unique mirror Divided Hexagon from the brand Lifestyle.
2. Mirror from IKEA’s PS collection.
3. The hexagonal mirror from Madam Stoltz, available here and here.
4. Unique and very expensive mirror Pebbles from Christopher Guy.

Secondly, my weakness and a bedroom necessity - pillows. Starting from the left:

1. Pillows with Aztec patterns from Dru.
2. Fivetimesone stone pillow will beautifully match the pouf.
3. Hand-woven pillows from White Oaks.
4. Crochet one from Urban Outfitters.

Third of all - plants! A lot of plants!

Last but not least a dream-catcher.
1. Delicate dream catcher from Marideko.
2. Set of 2 posters by Małgorzata Domańska.

Let me know, what do you think! Would you like such a bedroom?

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